Aleksey Hudochenkov


Open-Source Projects

stylelint — A mighty, modern CSS linter that helps you enforce consistent conventions and avoid errors in your stylesheets. I'm a core team member.

stylelint-order — A plugin pack of order related linting rules for stylelint.

PostCSS Sorting — PostCSS plugin to keep rules and at-rules content in order.


Stylelint: The Style Sheet Linter We’ve Always Wanted on Smashing Magazine.

Working with Images in Stylesheets with PostCSS on CSS-Tricks.

Front-end development

Passionate front-end developer who cares about user experience, website performance, and code maintainability. Prefers to create complete interfaces with HTML, CSS, SVG, and JavaScript, rather be JavaScript developer only. Closely collaborates with designers, back-end developers, project managers to make the best website for users. Advocates for fast and easy-to-use interfaces.

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