Aleks Hudochenkov


Open-Source Projects

PostCSS Sorting — PostCSS plugin to keep rules and at-rules content in order.

sublime-postcss-sorting — Sublime Text plugin to keep rules and at-rules content in order (powered by PostCSS Sorting).

stylelint-order — A plugin pack of order related linting rules for stylelint.

stylelint — A mighty, modern CSS linter that helps you enforce consistent conventions and avoid errors in your stylesheets. I'm a core team member.

Syntax Highlighting for PostCSS — PostCSS syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.

eCSStractor — Sublime Text plugin for extracting class names from HTML and generate (S)CSS stylesheet for the following work.


Stylelint: The Style Sheet Linter We’ve Always Wanted on Smashing Magazine.

Working with Images in Stylesheets with PostCSS on CSS-Tricks.

Front-end development

I develop websites and user interfaces. Use BEM methodology, what makes code reusable and maintainable. Able to do responsive and adaptive markup, and with support high-density screens. I care about user experience and page performance. Able to work with mockups in Photoshop and Sketch.

I use PostCSS and Gulp for fast and optimized development.

Don't work with CMS and work only from scratch.



Tools to organize and communicate in teams. Responsive.

Start-Up Nation Finder

A base of Israeli startups, tech companies, investors. Responsive. I also developed search interface.


Flowers delivery in Izhevsk. Responsive. Complicated under the hood order form with many elements, interactivity and correct Russian language for numerals. Live site.

Всё пучком!

Flowers store in Izhevsk. Responsive. Live site.


Home page for online-magazine about project development. Responsive. The whole post is a link but links in the text work as expected.


A website for mobile app helping people with diabetes to find help nearby. Responsive home page. Live site.

Startup Nation Central

Responsive. Animations. Click on team members photo.

Artiom Dashinsky

The fourth version of designer Artiom Dashinsky's website. Responsive.

Product Hunt Statistics

Statistics collected and formated by Artiom Dashinsky for Product Hunt.

Designer News Statistics

Statistics collected and formated by Artiom Dashinsky for Designer News.

Sugar So

Mobile apps and web-services developers. Check what they made. Adaptive for small screens.